It all started when I dropped out of university at the age of 21. I got a job at a factory to compensate my living and was searching for something that fulfils me. After I secured an income, I enrolled in a ‘Digital Film-making’ course at the SAE Institute Athens. Still, I felt this wasn’t enough, so I tried to get myself involved with some projects of my own. At the time, I met an Athens-based collective (ATH KIDS) of artists from different backgrounds and countries of origin, sharing a common trait - we were all born in Athens. Through ATH KIDS, I managed to direct various visuals (mostly music videos), highlighting the city’s booming musical and artistic scene.
Upon achieving a stable income and clientele, I realized that I wanted to be involved in more creative activities and express myself through that process. Hence, I decided to become a freelance film director. In recent months, I’ve been focusing on specific projects that are aligned with my creative vision, whilst in my free time, I’m enriching my knowledge through reading, watching movies, and attending seminars on film-related topics.  
To that end, I have worked hard, in recent years, to establish my personal style and meet more people involved in the arts. I seek to create visual narratives with meaning and emotion, not merely to impress, but to promote products or artists with honest and unique concerns. Finally, I feel most creative and inspired when learning about people and their experiences. This evokes a nostalgic feeling while pushing me to add meaningful details to the pictures that I’m shaping.